Stand Up Paddle Board Long Island


Bunger Sayville of Long Island is your number one source for any kind of stand up paddle board (SUP). Stand up paddle boarding has become an increasingly popular form of surfing on Long Island because it allows you to go out further into the ocean than you previously could. Experience the waves that a regular surfboard has been holding you back from, and incorporate your entire body into this exciting new form of surfing.

Purchasing a stand Up Paddle Board on Long Island

Stand Up Paddle Board Long IslandBecause stand up paddle boards are built for a different purpose than regular surfboards, we urge you to purchase your very own Stand Up Paddle Board Long Island  instead of using a surfboard you may already have. Although they may seem similar, a stand up paddle board will not drag or slow you down unlike using a regular surfboard with a stand up paddle board might. Come to our Long Island shop to view the best collection of stand up paddle boards (SUP) that Long Island has to offer. We’ll help you choose the most fitting stand up paddle board for you with the proper stand up paddle length. Without the proper equipment for your needs or the correct stand up paddle length, your surfing will be severely impacted. Bunger Sayville on Long Island carries many brands of Stand Up Paddle Board , all made out of different materials, so let us help you choose what will suit you.

Benefits of a Stand Up Paddle Board on Long Island

A Stand Up Paddle Board on Long Island is a great opportunity for a unique brand of fun on Long Island as well as an exciting new workout. It is the best way to combine both canoeing and surfing if you happen to have a love for both. You can even use your stand up paddle board to enhance the waves you ride by using it to pivot yourself and change directions. When you have your own stand up paddle board, you can surf anywhere you would like on Long Island because a well-built board can handle it all. You will no longer have to deal with overcrowded beaches and other surfing spots, and can instead venture on your own. Because a stand up paddle board is so versatile, you can do much more than just surfing on Long Island as well. For example, you can enjoy just paddling around on your Stand Up Paddle Board if there are no waves, which makes for a quiet and relaxing experience.

Stand Up Paddle Board on Long Island and Surfing Lessons

We also offer stand up paddle board rentals as well as lessons here on Long Island. Our prices are very competitive and are some of the best around. Our experienced Long Island surfers would be more than happy to teach you their tips and tricks in the water. Surfing with a stand up paddle board on Long Island is easy to try and is in fact the most popular sport for newcomers. Whether you are an experienced surfer or simply looking for a new sport to try, stand up paddle board is for you. Come and explore the Long Island water with a stand up paddle board (SUP)  purchase or rental. Enjoy the Long Island water like never before with an exhilarating stand up paddle board. We offer our Surf Camp lessons, however we also have private lessons that you and your friends can partake in as well. Please see our surf lessons page for more information.